ARC on Abortion Rights

The Ayn Rand Center ARC has published some great comments on abortion rights at Opposing Views.

In the first comment, ARC points out that the fundamental issue is not a “woman’s right to choose,” but rather “a woman’s right to her life.”

Next, ARC explains the fundamental importance of the first trimester, when an embryo is “a mass of relatively undifferentiated cells.” ARC further explains that an embryo is a potential, but not an actual, person.

In the third post, ARC explains, “There are many legitimate reasons why a rational woman might have an abortion — accidental pregnancy, rape, birth defects, danger to her health.”

ARC’s final post directly challenges the “pro-life” pretense of the anti-abortion movement:

Sentencing a woman to sacrifice her life to an embryo is not upholding the “right-to-life.”

The anti-abortionists’ claim to being “pro-life” is a classic Big Lie. You cannot be in favor of life and yet demand the sacrifice of an actual, living individual to a clump of tissue.

Meanwhile, the central “argument” of the anti-abortion side is an equivocation between human life in the sense of living tissue with human DNA and a human person. There is a reason why practically all advocates of abortion bans attempt to bridge that gap with religious faith.