Haggard, Again

Once upon a time, Ted Haggard was the respected senior pastor of the gigantic New Life Church in Colorado Springs. He was let go after news surfaced that he had hired a drug-dealing male prostitute to do who knows what. Now, the AP reports, there are new allegations that he had a lengthy sexual relationship with a male church volunteer. Oh, and HBO is coming out with a documentary about him. Can the story get any stranger?

January 26 update: Paula Woodward reports for 9News, “Former New Life Church pastor Ted Haggard’s return to the national spotlight is being marred by new allegations he performed a sexual act in front of a young male church volunteer on a trip in 2006. The man tells KRDO-TV in Colorado Springs the incident was not consensual.”

One thought on “Haggard, Again”

  1. A man who describes sex as being metaphysically wrong, turns out to have guilty sexual secrets.

    What’s strange about that? :D

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