Hitchens, D’Souza Bring Road Show to Town

The Aquinas Institute for Catholic Thought is organizing a Boulder debate on religion between Dinesh D’Souza and Christopher Hitchens, Catholic News Agency reports.

If I were a Christian, I would promote this debate, too. As noted, Hitchens holds that moral knowledge is innate, an indefensible position. So, while Hitchens makes many fine arguments around the periphery, he cannot answer the central question: what is morality without God?

Ben Degrow has a little fun with a Daily Camera headline, “Conservative D’Souza, atheist Hitchens to debate God at CU.” Degrow posits that a “debate against the Almighty” wouldn’t “be a fair fight by any remote stretch of human imagination.”

On the contrary. I’m betting that, no matter how the debate organizers prayed or promoted their event, God would be a no-show.