Last night I saw Meniskus at Nissis. Thanks to a friend who has dragged me to several shows, I’ve finally become a fan. While I was underwhelmed at an early show, I think because the band wasn’t taking the venue seriously, last night the group was completely on its game, and its members did full justice to their compositional prowess.

Meniskus consists of a violinist who also sings am amazingly wide range, an acoustic guitarist who also picks up an electric bass, and a fabulous drummer who backs up vocals and plays a keyboard on the side. They’re very good musicians, and they’ve written several great songs. I hope that brings them success.

Meniskus has a couple albums out, and I think Foreign Beyond is the one to pick up. (ITunes has it.) They have a video out on YouTube for “Letters.”

This is a Colorado band that deserves a listen.