Three for Freedom

Paul Hsieh writes for the Christian Science Monitor:

… Any government that attempts to guarantee healthcare must also control its costs. The inevitable next step will be to seek to control citizens’ health and their behavior. Hence, Americans should beware that if we adopt universal healthcare, we also risk creating a ‘nanny state on steroids’ antithetical to core American principles. …

Please help the good doctor earn the widest possible audience.

Next, Brian Schwartz has a nice piece from January 3 in Boulder’s Daily Camera:

[Y]ou cannot walk away from an elected politicians who claim “we’re all in it together.” Politicians “bring people together” with legislation. If you peacefully refuse to cooperate with such legislated “togetherness,” you’re a criminal and can end up in prison.

Finally, the Denver Post published my letter critical of Hoover and FDR:

… [N]o critic of the New Deal claims the trouble started with FDR. Instead, Republican Herbert Hoover helped launch the Depression with his horribly destructive tariffs and wage and price controls. And the Federal Reserve destabilized the money supply.

FDR inherited unemployment nearing 25 percent, and it never fell below 14 percent through 1940. Hopefully Barack Obama won’t have to push unemployment over 14 percent to be considered as great a president as FDR.

I also briefly summarize the causes of the worsening economic conditions of 1937 and 1938.

I have also written a more detailed reply to David Sirota.