Toward European Secularism?

Recently I received a bizarre e-mail stating: “Obama will soon discover that government cannot legalize everything that the Bible condemns and then ask for God to bless America. Even though Obama is clever at wrapping himself with religiosity, his presidency could very well lead Americans toward joining European secularism.”

I take this to mean that the writer — and no doubt various others — think the American government ought to outlaw everything the Bible condemns; e.g., homosexuality, false idols, back talking to parents, etc.

Recently Leonard Peikoff asked why Americans are so much more religious than Europeans. Part of the answer is that European secularism is synonymous with socialism, or at least socialism-light. In other words, the choices are God-centered religion or state-centered religion; sacrificing the individual to God or the state.

Many religious Americans rightly reject the subjectivism and socialism of the left. Unfortunately, because religion offers no more tenable moral foundation, they are increasingly turning to the subjectivism and socialism of the right.

America ought not move toward European secularism. America should move toward American secularism, and more particularly a secularism that recognizes the sovereignty of the individual.