Around Colorado: 2/12/09

The Anti-Stimulus

Jon Williams writes, “The spoils of this government largess will accrue to politically connected unions, new government ‘workers’ and, amazingly, to the bankers and Wall Street sharks who have already pillaged their firms and investors.” And other special interests.

George Will at least plays a note of skepticism about the bailout madness.

Raiding the Cash Funds

Peter Blake writes, “Gov. Bill Ritter has asked the legislature to shift up to $300 million from more than 20 state-run cash funds to the general fund… Cash funds are financed by special fees, surcharges and assessments paid by those who supposedly benefit from the governmental service each fund finances.”

We wouldn’t possibly want people to get what they pay for.

Plastic Bag Ban Advances

“A Senate committee Wednesday night voted 4-3 for a bill that would ban plastic bags in large retail stores within three years.”

Never mind that such a ban violates people’s rights, generates hassles and inefficiency, and harms the environment. This is about legislation, not reasons. Ah, but it’s inanity for the children, so it’s okay. We must teach students the proper lessons about government.

Campaign Deform

Jessica Peck Corry explains some of the absurdities of Colorado’s campaign finance laws. But let’s not lose sight of the central issue: such laws violate the fundamental right of free speech. They should not be tweaked or reformed, but entirely repealed.