Pork Roast Rally in Photos

Here are my photographs of today’s “Pork Roast” Rally in opposition to the so-called “stimulus” package that President Obama signed today. Both events took place in Denver. My photos may be reproduced if credited to FreeColorado.com. See Slapstick and Michelle Malkin for additional photos and notes. In a future post, I’ll include audio of the event and extensive commentary.

The $30,000 estimate of the total per-household cost for the “stimulus” comes from Representative Paul Ryan.

Jim Pfaff of Americans for Prosperity prepares to address the crowd congregated at the State Capitol.

Left-wingers Jason Salzman and Michael Huttner come out for the show.

Jon Caldara of the Independence Institute fires up the crowd.

Michelle Malkin delivers a short but feisty talk.

“One Trick” Tom Tancredo does what he does best: lament immigration.

State Senator Shawn Mitchell, on the other hand, addresses the matter of the day with his cold logic and passionate ideals.

State Senator Josh Penry, the man on the radar of Salzman and Huttner, may run for higher office next year.

Brad Jones of Face the State (with the still camera) and Michael Sandoval of Slapstick Politics (with the video camera) cover the event.

This was the lucky pig at the rally, who seemed to be enjoying himself. (Or herself.)

This was the unlucky pig, served with a smile by Michelle Malkin to protest the pork-laden “stimulus” package.

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  1. Channel 9’s web coverage said there were 200 attendees. This is low but not as outrageous as Channel 7. Channel 7 had a report on the noon news claiming that only 25 protesters showed up.

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