Beer Smash Photos

Call it the Denver Beer Party. A friend who attended the March 13 “Beer Smash” sent in the photographs reproduced below. The event was to protest beer protectionism and advocate liberty in beer sales, particularly the right of grocers to sell regular beer to consenting adults. See my first write up and link to the YouTube video, then my follow-up based on comments from the Denver Daily News.

Denver channels 2, 4, 7, and 9 came out for the event.

Earl Allen, Ari Armstrong, Amanda Teresi, and David Williams spoke at the event.

Justin Longo (at right) also helped with the logistics.

Notice the large plastic sheet and rags to contain the mess.

We interrupted the speeches to get to the beer smashing, as one of the stations was broadcasting live. Then Dave finished up his remarks and Earl argued that we should repeal this remaining vestige of Prohibition.

Hasta (la vista) Manana. (Manana was one of the beers I smashed.) It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. Notice that the mess was contained within the plastic and rags. I did get a bit more splatter than I anticipated, so I carefully cleaned up the area using a damp rag. For good measure we also picked up additional trash, such as cigarette butts, left by others.

I thank my fellow freedom fighters for their help with the event.