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Our G5 Mac lost its logic board over the weekend. Rather than pay to get it replaced, we decided to upgrade to stay current with the software. (As a graphic designer, my wife primarily uses Adobe products contained in that company’s Creative Suite.)

Obviously it’s no fun to go through a computer melt-down. I lost a couple days of time, then we had to buy a new machine. However, after the experience I’m a more loyal Mac user. The local Apple store diagnosed my machine at no cost, ruling out the hard drive and RAM as the problem. Then staff of the store answered extensive questions about the machines currently available, and we selected one that I think will fit our needs spectacularly. (We got an iMac, which is only slightly less beefy than our old machine at a considerably lower cost.) By the way, it’s possible that a cause of the problem was dust in the machine that inhibited air flow. The old Motorola machines have a reputation for running hot — which is primarily why Apple switched to Intel — so if you have a Motorola tower I suggest you get it cleaned.

An Apple machine will cost you more than a comparable PC, but that’s comparing apples to oranges (or lemons). With a Mac, you get a machine that works with fewer hassles, and you get real customer service.

I almost wish I’d saved all my old machines, just so we could show the next generation the rapid progress. My first computer was a Commodore 128, as in 128 kilobytes of RAM, double the memory of the popular 64. (The first Apple I used in school ran on a cassette tape drive.) The new machine has four gigabytes of RAM, or over 31,000 times the memory. It’s such an obvious point that we rarely savor it: the computer revolution has improved our lives dramatically in countless ways. So, thanks, Steve and the gang.

One thought on “New Mac”

  1. Ari,

    I hope you know about The Mac Outlet on South Broadway which buy/sells used Macs.

    We buy AppleCare (at less than list price from for all our Macs. We then sell them at the 2.5 year point for a very good to The Mac Outlet.

    Have fun with you new iMac.

    Also, you have the right to return the one you just bought and get one of the new ones announced yesterday.


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