Supreme Court Approves Property Tax Without Vote

Steven Paulson of the AP reports, “The Colorado Supreme Court has upheld a property tax measure expected raise $1.7 billion for schools over 11 years.”

This tax increase was imposed despite the clear language of the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, which requires voter approval for tax increases.

Several Republicans immediately blasted the court’s ruling.

Cory Gardner said, “The Colorado Supreme Court is the most partisan court in the United States; today’s decision shows a blatant disregard for the Colorado Constitution and the taxpayers of this state who simply want to be asked first before they are taxed. Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey just managed to make Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg look like a conservative.”

Josh Penry said:

It’s fitting that the most partisan court in the land rubber stamped the governor’s property tax increase on exactly the same day Senate Democrats are poised to repeal Colorado’s landmark spending limits, and exactly two weeks after the Governor signed the largest increase in car taxes in a generation.

With loyalist Democrats in charge of the Governor’s mansion, the state House, the state Senate, and the Supreme Court, the Taxpayers Bill of Rights is on life support and the principle of fiscal restraint is in full retreat.

Unfortunately for citizens, this property tax hike comes at the worst possible time — the moment when many Coloradans are struggling just to keep their homes.

Apparently the Democrats have grown weary of controlling Colorado government, as they have now handed the Republicans a real campaign issue for next year.