Back from the Sammies

I just got back from the Sam Adams Alliance awards ceremony in Chicago, where I picked up my “Sammie.” (See the earlier release.) I also recorded interviews with Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher, Michelle Malkin, Paul Jacob, and others. I will make these interviews available this week.

I was impressed by the activism of the other award winners, who fought voter fraud, tax hikes, inappropriate spending, unjust laws, and more.

I’ll have much more to say about the event later, but now I’m wiped out and need to catch up on my sleep.

First I figure I ought to send a statement to a few journalists. How about this: “The spirit of liberty was alive and well at the Sam Adams Alliance awards ceremony April 18 in Chicago. I am grateful to the Alliance for the ‘Sammie’ award I received, and I am inspired by the outstanding work of the other award recipients. I met some new friends and picked up some new ideas for advancing individual rights here in Colorado. I also recorded some fascinating interviews with Joe ‘The Plumber’ Wurzelbacher, Michelle Malkin, and Paul Jacob that I’ll release this week. I’m deeply grateful to Colorado’s vibrant and growing movement of liberty activists who have given me so much support and encouragement over the years.”

Hopefully the Sam Adams Alliance will make the speeches available on the internet before long. See the complete list of winners.