Denver Daily’s Smear Job

This Denver Daily News article by Peter Marcus is an example of journalism at its absolute worst:

Immigration enforcement advocates will gather in Denver this Tax Day to argue that taxpayers carry a heavy financial burden because the government does not do enough to enforce its current immigration laws.

The rally at the Capitol this afternoon is part of a national movement called the Tax Day Tea Party. The grassroots campaign asks Americans to encourage lawmakers to stop “out of control government spending.” Part of the dialogue includes illegal immigration.

The headline states, “Anti-illegal immigration protesters to hold Tax Day Tea Party today.”

I left the online comment, “Peter Marcus’s article is a dishonest smear job. While it is true that some people associated with the ‘Tax Day Tea Party’ rallies want immigration restrictions, that is certainly not the focus of the rallies. Many of us will attend the rallies to promote free markets, including open immigration.”

One local organizer says the point of the rally is to “promote a message of limited government and lower taxes.”

The Facebook page for “The Denver Tax Day Tea Party” states, “Join your fellow Americans as we rally our elected officials to repeal the ‘Stimulus’ package, reduce our taxes and eliminate wasteful spending in government!” The term “immigration” appears nowhere on the page. Not once.

The “Tax Day Tea Party” web page states that the nationwide rallies are about the “pork filled budget,” the “free-market system,” and “out of control government spending.” (To learn why the “free-market system” entails open immigration, read Craig Biddle’s excellent article on the matter.)

Nowhere have I picked up the idea that these rallies are about “immigration enforcement.” The fact that some random dude from “Americans for Legal Immigration PAC” wants to hijack the Denver rally does not change the rally’s advertised purpose.

Ah, but “part of the dialogue includes illegal immigration.” And part of the the Denver Daily News includes real news. Just not the part where Marcus’s story appears.

One thought on “Denver Daily’s Smear Job”

  1. The News has posted a minor correction on its site, but the damage is done. I’m not familiar with the News, so I won’t pass judgement in this case, but this is a common ploy in the media – run a harmful and prominent story, then run a correction no one is likely to read – mission accomplished.

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