Focus On Your Family

“[Juan Alberto Ovalle] who narrates Christian CDs has been arrested on suspicion of using the Internet to arrange sex with a teenage girl. … Ovalle works for a Spanish-speaking arm of the Colorado Springs Christian group Focus on the Family and narrates Biblical text for CDs, according to Internet websites that sell the products.”

What does this mean? Not much. Any group can unintentionally hire somebody who turns out to commit an alleged crime.

The case does point out, however, that it’s foolish to trust somebody just because he’s a self-proclaimed Christian. Yet, for example, many businesses incorporate the Jesus fish in their graphics, because, you know, Jesus was all about exploiting religion to turn a profit.

Christianity does sometimes promote unfounded trust based on religious conversion, authentic or not. There are two problems with this. First, some people exploit religious commitments for illegitimate personal gains. Second, even people who really believe they are turning their lives over to Jesus often are not committing themselves to the difficult work of moral reform. When you’re relying on spiritual possession to change your life, rather than sound moral principles and practices, the failure rate can be fairly high.

So, while there are many wonderful Christians in the world, don’t assume that every Christian has your best interests at heart.

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  1. I too have found zero correlation between whether someone says he’s Christian and goes to church etc., and whether he will try to cheat me.

    Perhaps the evaders and cheats simply think they’ll buy there way out by being penitent… only later.

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