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The Sam Adams Alliance announced that Ari Armstrong, publisher of, has received the 2009 “Modern-Day Sam Adams Award,” the organization’s top prize, for “his relentless — and ubiquitous — defense of free markets and individual liberty in the state of Colorado.”

The organization’s media release is available at

Armstrong will receive his “Golden Sammie” April 18 in Chicago. Presenting the awards will be Michelle Malkin, Stephen Moore, John Fund, Jonathan Hoenig, Mary Katharine, and Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher.

In his entry, Armstrong summarized his “food stamp” diets of 2007 and 2009, his fight against political correctness (as with the “bitch slap” controversy of 2008), his work on health policy, and various other projects.

Armstrong said, “I congratulate the other winners and look forward to learning from their example. I thank the Sam Adams Alliance for recognizing the important work for liberty done at the regional level. Finally, I thank my fellow liberty activists in Colorado — especially my wife — for teaching me so much about liberty, individual rights, and free markets, and how to advocate those values through intellectual activism. This award is for you, my brothers and sisters in liberty.”

Armstrong founded (then in late 1998, before the term “blog” had been coined.

3 thoughts on “ Wins Sam Adams Award”

  1. ” . . . relentless — and ubiquitous — defense of free markets and individual liberty . . . “

    I aspire to be Ari Armstrong someday.

    And no, I’m not trying to be sarcastic or “smart-alecky”. I really do hope to reach a point in my own development as an activist where I will have the wherewithal to do as much in Oklahoma as Mr. Armstrong has done in Colorado.

    Congratulations Ari! The recognition is well-deserved.

  2. Ari, it was such an honor meeting you and talking with you at the Golden #Sammies. You inspire me and I hope we can work together here in future!

    You have some really excellent ideas that I would love to see in action!

    Congratulations again and well deserved is an understatement!

    Chad T. Everson

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