Meniskus ‘Partier’ Coming

Last night my wife and I went with a friend to the Draft House in Boulder (great chocolate stout and “pork roll” sandwich!) to see Meniskus, a band that I am becoming increasingly impressed with.

Do yourself a favor and go to iTunes to download at least “Letters” and “Overbearing (Part 2),” both available on the Foreign Beyond album. If you like these tracks, then you’ll like Meniskus, and you’ll become excited to learn…

Meniskus is recording their third album, and it will include “Partier.” (I don’t know if that’s the song’s official name, but everybody’s going to call it “Partier” anyway.) It seems to me that, if Meniskus is going to have a breakthrough hit, it’s going to be “Partier.” Then, I hope that a lot of people drawn to that popish, rhythmic party song look into the previous albums.

We’re blessed with some very good music in Colorado. DeVotchKa is one of my favorite groups of all time. Meniskus is working up the list, and I really wish these guys success.

* * *

In other music news, I was excited to see that Depeche Mode has a new album out that Amazon is selling for $3.99 for today only. The first track was bizarre and off-putting in the preview, but the other tracks sound interesting. I figured that for four bucks it’s hard to go wrong. Unfortunately, after buying the album and downloading Amazon’s mp3 downloader, I got nothing. But I called Amazon on the phone, and they solved the problem very quickly. So, yea for real customer service.

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