Playboy’s Prayer

As a interesting follow-up to Easter, Fox hosts a story about a former Playboy Bunny:

Kendra Wilkinson is known across the world as being Hugh Hefner’s wonderfully wild former flame, but since moving out of the Playboy mansion and getting engaged to Philadelphia Eagle Hank Baskett, it seems Wilkinson is choosing prayers over posing.

“Hank makes her pray before meals now. His family is so religious and he really calmed her down a lot, he’s good for her,” Kendra’s bridesmaid and playmate Brittany Ginger told Tarts, with Kendra adding that praying is a new experience that has helped her change “for the better.”

But we may wonder how truly converted Wilkinson is. She said, “…Hef opened up doors for me… It was my job to make the right decisions and go about my life from there… He was a father figure for me; he gave me wings and appreciated me for me. You can see the blonde/big boobs thing but he actually appreciated me for me, I always knew that about him. He gave me such happiness, having his eyes on me gave me confidence just to be me and find Hank.”

Oh, and, by the way, the wedding will take place at the Playboy Mansion. How absolutely bizarre.

The point here is that, while a lot of people claim to believe in God, some of those people don’t really take religion all that seriously. Unfortunately, many of the same people don’t seem to take much of anything seriously. There can be worse fates than religion.