Poor Country, Rich Country II

More than four years ago I wrote a quick article titled, “Poor Country, Rich Country.” The point was to give a few examples indicating the economic development of a nation. (Note that I no longer think a low-fat diet is optimal.) The interesting thing about the article is that since then I’ve received an occasional reply to it, I think exclusively from readers in India.

Here’s a comment I received just today:


Interesting reading your study, rather work in progress, about the comaprative study of rich-developing-poor countries. I would like to add some points.

1. In poor countries, people think of the next meal. In developing countries, people think of savings for the next few years, and in rich countries, people find new ways to invest the wealth and reap more benefits.

2. In poor countries, shelter is a necessity, in developing countries, a home to all is the target of the government, and in rich countries, they are after innovative , luxurious and romantic shelters.

3. Creches and old age homes are new words to poor countries. Developing countries are developing more such homes and in rich countries , they can’t live without creches and old age homes.

That’s all for now. Thanks a lot for your article.

Suja Ramesh

Perhaps it is the Indian cinematic flair that has captured my attention, or Gandhi’s respect for Thomas Jefferson. India seems to be moving forward, embracing a dynamic and free society. I realize the nation continues to suffer a great many problems, yet I can’t help but cheer whenever I hear good news from India. I wish Suja and his countrymen the very best.