True Tolerance, Or Else

Via 5280 magazine I found the Focus on the Family “true tolerance” web page, the point of which is to promote tolerance of anti-homosexual views. In other words, we are to tolerate intolerance.

And I quite agree that we do need to tolerate intolerance, even as we speak out against nasty sorts of intolerance. That is, the view that homosexuality is somehow inherently sinful is wrong. However, people properly have the right to express (with their own resources) whatever viewpoint they wish.

The matter is complicated by the tax funding of schools. Taking people’s money by force to finance either a pro-homosexual or anti-homosexual agenda is wrong and a violation of free speech. Tax funded institutions invite governmental oversight, including protections of speech.

While tax-funded schools cannot properly promote religious views, neither can they properly suppress such views by students in the appropriate context.

And Focus on the Family wants to make darn sure that schools recognize that. The document “What School Officials Should Know About Addressing Homosexuality in Public Schools” helpfully warns schools about adopting policies that “could very easily result in litigation.”

Of course, some traditionalists might argue that the proper purpose of school is to teach students about the world and skills for dealing with it, rather than to push for or against some cultural or political agenda.

One thought on “True Tolerance, Or Else”

  1. As a public policy researcher, I challenged three researchers for a conservative think tank to find one honest, factual and accurate statement on the Focus on the Family website. I offered a hundred dollars for every fact that checked out. I kept all of my money.
    The fundamentalist right relies completely on fear, bigotry and an immense amount of dishonesty to agitate hatred for the gay community. Yes, its wrong and un-Christ like, but we can expect more of the same, as it elicits lots of donations.

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