Where Is Colorado’s Daniel Hannan?

I know a lot of people have already seen this video of Daniel Hannan, a British politician who sounds more American than most American politicians. Hannon notes that his speech became quite popular.

It is remarkable that the United States must now take economic lessons from Britain — and even China! — as warning against our federal profligacy.

I’d like to hear just one Colorado politician or candidate give a speech as eloquently devoted to liberty as this short speech by Hannan. I haven’t researched his views in depth, so I cannot comment on his entire ideology. But this is three and a half minutes that makes a person want to stand proud.

One thought on “Where Is Colorado’s Daniel Hannan?”

  1. Hannan’s policies are pretty good overall. One of the major things he’s pushing for is to take power out of Whitehall, and put it in the hands of Councils (in America, this would be the same as taking power from Congress/Senate and putting it in the hands of individual states).
    He wants local councils to be responsible for their boroughs, so that when people have a problem with the system, they can appeal to their Councilors, rather than to some distant figure in Whitehall.
    Alongside all this, he wants to dissolve the numerous Government bodies, agencies, advisories, plans, etc etc, and basically bring about an old-style Conservative revolution more consistent and in-depth than Thatcher.

    Needless to say, I’m glad he’s the MEP for the South-East (where I live).

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