Apple Service

I love Apple. I love my iMac computer, yes, but I also love Apple as a company. previously I wrote about our new computer. I have since processed an HD video file two hours in length; the computer worked fine (though it takes time to process files that big). The source file in iMovie is about 100 gigabytes.

Recently I needed some information about iMovie versus Final Cut Express, the mid-grade software. A guy named Eliot at the Flatirons store spent a few minutes answering my questions about the software. (I learned that iMovie is a lot more powerful than I had imagined.) As we also briefly discussed, when you buy an Apple product, you’re not just buying the stuff, you’re buying the service, which is worth a lot.

Just decades ago, the technology I have sitting on my desktop was not available at any price. Just years ago, it cost several times the value of my house. The technology revolution has allowed the economy to move forward despite all the federal interventionist shenanigans. Just imagine where we might go in a free economy.