Armentano Versus Antitrust

Dominick Armentano has penned an op-ed against antitrust for the Christian Science Monitor, “The problem with Obama’s antitrust plan.”

He summarizes:

The free market does not need more strict antitrust policy; it needs simple protection from fraud. The problem is that, in the 119 years that antitrust laws have existed, there is little empirical evidence that “vigorous enforcement” of them can promote the interests of consumers… Indeed, antitrust history is riddled with silly theories and absurd cases that themselves have restricted and restrained free-market competition and hampered an efficient allocation of resources.

Read Armentano’s brief history of antitrust laws — particularly if you are one of those “conservatives” who thinks central economic planners should play a role here.

A competitive market means a free market, which means a world in which the unjust antitrust laws have been repealed.