California Tax Revolt

And here I had simply written off California as unsalvageable. Perhaps there is some hope for the Left Coast — the People’s Republic of California — the state synonymous in Colorado politics with dysfunction — after all. The Los Angeles Times laments:

The day after voters overwhelmingly rejected a plank of ballot measures intended to ease the state’s financial woes, lawmakers awoke to a harsh reality: a projected $21.3-billion deficit and the prospect of another round of bitter negotiations…

“There’s a certain point where you feel that it will be devastating to some people and so we tried not to make those cuts,” said the governor, who last week outlined grim plans to cope with the deficit. “But now we have to, we have no other choice.”

Come on, Ahnold, where’s the Terminator when we need him? At least the Governator is looking to slash bureaucratic jobs and cut spending. But he wants to borrow $6 billion from “Washington” — i.e., from tax payers from Colorado and the rest of the nation?

Hasta la vista, baby.