Change In Blog Direction

I’m dramatically changing the direction of this blog. No longer will it be devoted to matters of religion (or “reason versus faith,” as my banner has put it), but to my personal interests. I will continue to blog about religious matters less frequently elsewhere (to be announced). I’ll update the banner this evening.

I started the blog back in October of 2007. At that point, I had in mind to write about pretty much everything, from politics to religion to personal interests. Then, early last year, I declared the blog “will be dedicated to issues of religion and culture.” Why the change now?

First, I want to have someplace to write about movies, music, recipes, health, and other personal interests. I’ve been putting some material like that at, but it doesn’t really fit there. (That page is devoted to Colorado politics.) I realize that my readership here will be small, but I’m okay with that (though I hope that an occasional blog earns broader interest). It makes the most sense to me to use the domain with my own name to cover my personal interests. This page will be free wheeling and, I hope, fun.

Second, I’ve grown tired of writing about religious issues as they appear in the daily headlines. The patterns have emerged. I’ve written about each major theme many times. I plan to spend considerable time delving into the fundamentals of religion — the results of which will become available some months in the future — but I want to spend less time with the pop aspects of religion. These are the major themes I’ve covered over the past months:

a) Islamist external terror and internal barbarism.
b) The Christian push to ban all abortion.
c) The Christian antipathy toward homosexuals.
d) The separation of church and state.
e) Claims that America is a “Christian nation.”
f) Christian support for political controls of social and economic matters.
g) Claims of miracles and supernatural intervention.
h) Creationism.
i) Religious oddities.

Of that list, I most want to keep up with the separation of church and state, as I will do elsewhere. (Where such matters relate to Colorado politics, I’ll probably write the material for

If you want to learn where I’ll continue to write about religion, please check back here later today or tomorrow, when I hope to have everything sorted out.

With the change in mind, my next post will be about long-term wine consumption.