Coconut Milk Smoothie

Wow. Want a calorie booster in your morning smoothie? Try coconut milk.

My nephew is allergic to milk, so I suggested to my sister that she put coconut milk in his smoothies. Today I tried it with great results. We blended a can of Thai Kitchen coconut milk (which Target sells for $1.44), a banana, some pineapple-orange juice, and some yogurt (which I assume my sister would hold). We ended up with four cups of rich, creamy smoothie that tastes fantastic. The coconut flavor is mild and yummy.

The can of coconut milk contains 70 grams of fat, 50 of which are saturated. So this definitely follows the “fat is your friend” line of dietary views. (I know that some people especially like coconut fat in terms of healthy eating, but I don’t know the science behind such claims.) You could definitely use less coconut per serving if you wanted to reduce the calorie and fat load.

I do think it’s true that eating fat makes you feel full; I’ve mostly finished my two cups of smoothie and I feel absolutely stuffed, even though earlier I was thinking of making eggs.

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