Face: Best Boulder Band

Congratulations to Face, an all-vocal recently named the best band in Boulder. See Vince Darcangelo’s love letter to Face in the Daily Camera.

My wife and I took my mom to see Face at Nissis on Monday. Good show. The group has sold out that venue something like 80 times in a row. (Note: an owner of Nissis also owns my wife’s company.)

I wrote about Face twice in 2005. I understand the group likes my following line:

[S]aying that Face is an “a cappella group” is sort of like saying Jimi Hendrix is a “guitar player.” It’s true, but it doesn’t really get the point across. Face rocks.

On Monday, I was especially impressed with Mark Megibow’s new “drum” solo: he was singing through his own beats. (I joked that I’d be impressed when he can also sing harmony with himself.) He must have the best-developed mouth and throat muscles in all of Colorado.

You can listen to Face’s music on the group’s webpage.

If you want to read a heart-wrenching mother’s day story, see Pamela White’s article for Boulder Weekly, “2 men, 2 women and a baby.” Here’s the summary. Forest Kelly is another member of Face. His wife suffered from cancer, so, unable to have children herself, she had some eggs of hers frozen. Then Megibow’s wife decided to carry her friends’ baby to term. Happy Mother’s Day.