Frazier Watch: Top Line

Those interested in Ryan Frazier’s campaign for U.S. Senate should note that Frazier recently appeared on ABC’s “Top Line” (via PPC). I like his calm demeanor on the show; it compliments his more fiery public speech at the April 15 Tea Party in Grand Junction.

Frazier took a brief moment to discuss his principles of fiscal responsibility and individual rights.

I can live with his answer on immigration: he said we should incentivize people to go home and then come back to work here legally.

I also like his message of “tolerance” toward gay couples, though I hasten to add that the proper attitude is not “tolerance” but open acceptance. (“Tolerance” implies putting up with something one has reason to dislike.) Tolerance here is a step forward for the GOP, however.

I’m not sure what Frazier means about expanding benefits to gay partners. If he’s talking about equalizing government treatment, that’s fine (though the problem is with the tax-funded benefits per se).

I think Frazier is doing what he needs to do: present himself as as a mature and reasonable guy ready to represent Colorado values of independence and liberty.