Frost/Nixon, How About You

Jennifer and I recently watched a couple of movies that we quite liked. Frost/Nixon is about a historic interview between David Frost and Richard Nixon, after Nixon had resigned. The film sets up the dramatic tension nicely. However, there’s really nobody to love in the film, so it is more of interest for its history (so check out the clips from the real interview in the special features).

In How About You, a young woman (played by Hayley Attwell) goes to work at her sister’s struggling retirement home. The strongest part of the movie is the friendship that Attwell’s character forms with a terminally ill resident, played by Joan O’Hara.

Unfortunately, much of the movie involves the young lady and four other residents who, at first, make her life difficult. There are some nice moments as these other friendships develop, but these other four aren’t especially sympathetic. But O’Hara’s limited time on screen, as well as the other solid performances, make the movie worth viewing.

On TV (via Hulu), it was great to see Alan Tudyk team up again with Joss Whedon on Dollhouse. I don’t want to say more about what he’s up to on the show. This show is very well written, but, as I’ve mentioned to several friends, there’s no central hero to root for, so it’s intriguing but not nearly as compelling as Firefly (Whedon’s previous show). The performances, though, are top-notch.