Goode Family

We just watched the first episode of The Goode Family at It is about an environmentally-conscious, sensitive vegan family (think Boulder). The parents adopted a child from Africa to fight racism and accidentally got a white kid from South Africa. The dog is vegan, too — and, coincidentally, many of the neighborhood animals have gone missing.

[September 14, 2014 Update: The video in question is no longer available.]

This is biting social criticism from Mike Judge (of King of the Hill and Beavis and Butt-head fame). And, like all of Judge’s work, it has something of a soft heart, despite its sometimes-painful satire.

This is not “ha, ha funny” television. It’s so satirically critical of environmentalism that I’m surprised a major network picked it up. Good for ABC. I’m not sure it can last with its hard edge (especially among an American audience, which loves the dumbed down, Americanized version of The Office). Still, very interesting television.