Motorhome Diaries Guys Arrested!

Three guys are traveling the country in a motorhome to report on the liberty movement and support it. Jennifer and I met them and had a nice chat with them a few weeks ago in Denver at Liberty On the Rocks.

I was disturbed to hear this morning that they had been arrested in Mississippi. Now that they have been released from jail, they have recounted the details on their blog, “Jones County Sheriff’s Department Falsely Arrests MHD Crew.”

This story makes me angry. These cops acted little better than common street thugs. Shame on the Jones Country Sheriff’s Department.

Notably, the officers in question abused these travelers’ civil rights on the pretext of the drug war.

Memo to the police: your job is to protect individual rights, not violate them. Memo to legislators: when you empower the police with rights-violating laws and arbitrary powers, we end up with a police state. The fact that most of us (or at least most of us with obvious resource and the “right” skin color) never personally suffer such abuses should not blind us to the creeping police state unfolding before us.

One thought on “Motorhome Diaries Guys Arrested!”

  1. When they took off on there adventure, this was something I think we all sort of knew would happen at some point. They want to make a documentary after they finish the road trip, I think this incident will be the highlight.

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