Definition of a Nitwitter

My first Twitter post is dated June 19, 2009. I had once sworn never to join Twitter. But I love it. For my purposes, it works fantastically. (I basically use it as a news feed.) But the tool is only as good as its users. I’ve seen plenty of Twitter nonsense as well.

I knew somebody out there must have come up with a definition of a “nitwitter.” I was right:

A person who discusses their twitting frequently and enthusiastically, causing irritation.

Person A: Did you read my tweets this morning? They were so funny!

Person B: Get lost, nitwitter.

I’d like to add two more definitions:

2. nitwitter: a user of Twitter who writes hopelessly incomprehensible Twitter posts. (I know 140 characters isn’t much, but if you can’t write a post that other people can actually understand, why bother?)

3. nitwitter: a user of Twitter who follows more people than he or she can possibly read, for the purpose of attracting more followers, who in turn neglect to read the first person’s Twitter posts.

Don’t be a nitwitter! In any of the three senses.

Still, I love it. Go to Twitter and follow me!