Kim Pleasant: Whiner of the Day

I’ve decided to start issuing periodic “Whiner of the Day” awards. The first goes to Kim Pleasant, who shouted down Governor Bill Ritter yesterday. (I don’t get many chances to defend Bill Ritter.)

Jessica Fender and Allison Sherry of the Denver Post recount the story:

About two dozen members of the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7 crashed the Capitol gathering, standing watch in the back and shouting challenges to Ritter regarding his recent veto of House Bill 1170.

The bill would have made it easier for them to receive unemployment benefits if grocery-chain management locked them out of their work sites and potentially improved their standing in ongoing contract negotiations.

Ritter spoke to the protesters from the podium, saying “certainly my heart is with the people who have to put food on the table,” but the state should not interfere with active labor disputes.

But his answers didn’t satisfy Commerce City resident and Safe way worker Kim Pleasant, who shouted, “That is a lie! That is a lie!”

Ritter’s veto of 1170 is one of the few things he’s done right. If you’re stupid enough to go on strike in the middle of a recession, when nearly one in ten people have lost their jobs and many more have taken pay cuts, the last thing you deserve is a tax subsidy for your stupidity. Just try to go on strike and see how much public sympathy you get.

The simple fact is that the typical job at the grocery store requires no special skills, training, or education. If you want a higher-paying job, then go back to school and work someplace else. But don’t shout down the governor for protecting taxpayers (for once). At least wait till Ritter lies before calling him a liar.

So, Kim Pleasant, I’m pleased to name you the recipient of the first “Whiner of the Day” award. Please e-mail me your mailing address and I’ll be happy to send you your award.

But don’t take this as any indication that I’m pleased with Ritter’s performance. While he did the right thing this one time, the general theme of his administration has been, “Screw the Taxpayer.” Ritter has helped increase taxes or fees on vehicles, hospital visits, properties, sales, and so on.

As Fender and Sherry write, at the same event Ritter signed bills interfering in mortgages and offering more tax dollars for people not to work. Because, you know, during a recession we want to punish people who are working in order to incentivize others not to work.

I can hardly believe the incompetent and anti-freedom Republican Party left me no choice other than to vote for this sham of a governor.