Meniskus Releases Partyer!

Meniskus 1The Colorado band Meniskus released the single “Partyer” last night at the Fox Theatre in Boulder.

“Partyer” should be available soon on iTunes. For now, you can listen to it streaming on the group’s Facebook page.

While you’re there, make sure to check out “Brigade,” “Letters,” and “Overbearing.” I consider these the band’s four greatest songs, and an impressive collection for a relatively young band. If these songs hook you, you’ll become a Meniskus fan. (Note: I like the version of “Letters” on Foreign Beyond best. You can also see the video for “Letters” on the Facebook page.)

I’m hoping that “Partyer” is the most radio and party-friendly release so far, and that it draws attention to some of the other songs. It deserves to become a popular hit song.

Meniskus 2