Sandstorm In Iran

With all the bad news at home, I was inspired to see a photo of mass demonstrations in Iran, posted by Fox.

There are also plenty photos of blood and fire. Police forces have brutalized many and killed some. So the news is also tragic and frightening.

And yet, people are marching, people are speaking out, and — sometimes — for the right reasons.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration is doing as little as possible to support reform.

Obviously, the protests are much larger than the presidential elections in Iran. Yet Mir-Hossein Mousavi is better than the tyrant Ahmadinejad. For example, Mousavi wants privately owned media, rather than state-owned propaganda machines. He has his serious problems; for instance, he pledged to “not suspend uranium enrichment,” and he says he does not recognize Israel. Yet he also says, “I also believe that the abolition of the religious police is possible.”

So Iran is hardly on the brink of a resoundingly pro-liberty revolution. And this could end very, very badly; some speculate that Ahmadinejad left the country so that escalated violence “would not reflect on him.”

Still, it’s good to see that many Iranians have the heart for something better. What can ultimately save Iran is the same thing that can ultimately save the United States and the world: a philosophy of reason and individual rights.

Here’s my favorite line from the protests: “Ahmadinejad called us dust, we showed him a sandstorm.”