What If God Disappeared?

When I watched the first few seconds of this video some weeks ago, I didn’t appreciate it. But now that I’ve watched it completely through…

4 thoughts on “What If God Disappeared?”

  1. As a satire it almost doesn’t go far enough. Until it got to the natural disaster part I wasn’t sure what I was watching, even after that I followed the link to myspace just to make sure. It could have just been a particularly stupid religious person.

  2. I disagree; it is excellent satire. It is quite subtle at first, but becomes increasingly cheeky throughout. Unless one is familiar with the typical apologetics and evangelical arguments, though, it is harder to understand. As a recovering christian, I can appreciate this brilliant satire in full. Also, it is Mr. Current’s most subtle, most clever and therefore best work.

  3. I’m also a recovering Christian. I know and understand the arguments quite well. Well enough to understand that any or all of them have actually been made.

    I never said that it was other than excellent satire, I do believe that it is. It would be much less effective if you didn’t get a decent portion of the way through it before wondering where it is was going. If you knew it was satire from the beginning it would be much less funny.

    Really… imo there are only a few clear giveaways in the whole thing and fundamentalist christians have even made those arguments. The increasing cheekiness is one of them. Followed by the storms hit bad people argument(which has definitely been made.. see Pat Robertson) and several other more cheeky, but less goofy(though still wrong) arguments(such as the sex w/ puppies line).

  4. Hilarious sarcastic satire. I can just imagine the “huh? waitaminute…” reaction of any mainline Christian who wanders in there by accident. The fundamentalists, on the other hand, will probably nod like bobbleheads through the whole thing.

    I particularly loved the line about “empty and hopeless and desperate inside — like atheists feel today”. As any of who spend too much time on “conservative” sites know, that is exactly what many of the religious believe –and it frustrates and irritates them to encounter atheists who do not match their comforting fantasy.


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