Pro-Liberty Health Rally Draws Hundreds

Hundreds of people came to the state capitol in Denver today to protest the political takeover of medicine endorsed by Barack Obama. Slapstick has posted numerous photos and commentary. [Update: See also Slapstick’s coverage of the Wednesday rallies in Fort Collins and Colorado Springs.] The Denver Post also published a decent story with photographs.

Face the State has added its collection of photos along with summaries of the talks.

The Denver Business Journal nicely summarizes Jon Caldara’s remarks. It also quotes a press release from Regress Now’s Michael Huttner, who, because he can’t sustain any arguments for his side, resorts to projecting his astroturf green onto a large and obviously grass-roots movement.

The Colorado Springs Gazette summarizes the messages of the daytime rally as well as a smaller, leftist rally the same evening.

On Tuesday evening I joined Bob Glass’s radio show to discuss the rally (during the second half of the first hour).


Speaker highlights:

My speech:



W. Earl Allen Submitted on 2009/07/30 at 10:07 am

Ari, this was a masterful, succinct summary of the case for medical freedom. Bravo!

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