Support Clear the Bench

A couple days ago I gave Clear the Bench Colorado a little hell for defending Amendment 54. I want to emphasize here that this is a minor disagreement with the organization (as the issue, while important, is only tangentially related to its activities), and I support Clear the Bench.

Moreover, I recognize that Matt Arnold took on the project on his own initiative, and he is preparing to work doggedly on this issue for many months. He faces a difficult and often thankless uphill battle.

We have the ability in Colorado to vote for judges’ retention. Next year four of Colorado’s Supreme Court justices face a retention vote. Because of their prejudicial decisions, they deserve to be thrown off the court by Colorado voters. Clear the Bench is working to educate voters in order to make that happen. If you support judicial integrity, support Clear the Bench.

(Also, while I’m praising organizations, I’ll point out that the Independence Institute hosted the wonderfully inspiring Daniel Hannan and posted his talk in four parts. Hannan, an English parliamentarian, sounds more like an American than most American politicians.)