Dan Maes Describes Top Five Issues

Dan Maes doesn’t have a chance in hell of becoming the next governor of Colorado. This is a guy who lists under his “public service” qualifications: “Boy Scout Leadership as a teen and in his early 20’s.” Scott McInnis, on the other hand, served in the state legislature before spending twelve years in Congress. Maes has no political credentials. He has zero chance of winning the Republican primary, and if by some bizarre chance every other possible Republican candidate died first, Maeas would have zero chance of beating Ritter.

Nevertheless, Maes did respond to a question quickly, and that counts for something.

On November 24, Maes sent out the following e-mail:

I was speaking with a county chairperson today and the subject of leadership for the party came up. He expressed his unhappiness with the lack of leadership in the republican party. I do not think he was referring to the state office but rather to our elected officials and candidates. The question is…was he issuing a challenge to me or simply stating a fact?

Lesson one when talking to me, I actually do listen. Number two, I look for those messages one is really trying to communicate. Maybe he was just venting but perhaps there was more to it all especially in light of the so called attempt to provide leadership this week by those without the authority or credibility to do so.

I jumped in this race months before others did. Obviously, I had a lot of catching up to do; but more importantly, I sensed there was a leadership vacuum myself that someone had to proactively fill. That has been my style since I was a teen. When a position needed to be filled or a responsibility taken on, it was not unusual for me to stick my hand up for the job. Ah, you might have thought I was the sucker in the old days but all those rolls prepared me for what I am doing today. Boy Scout Troop Leader, Student Council Member and President, Senior Class President, Captain of the football team, manager and owner of businesses… you get the point. Many ask, why do it? It is just how God wired me I suppose and for better or worse, I am here trying to become a leader for the Republican party.

I will suffer the slings and arrows of those who would rather be leader. That is also part of leadership. I will continue to work hard in my attempt to earn the right to be your leader. Do actions match words?

Dan Maes
The People’s Candidate for Governor

Thinking that his campaign is rather Quixotic, I asked, “Hey Dan, I challenge you to describe five *substantive* differences of policy or ideology you have with McInnis. I will be happy to publish your reply on my web page.”

This morning he obliged (sort of):

Hi Ari,

Responding to your question regarding differences in me and Scott McInnis is a bit difficult in itself because Scott rarely articulates policy in his forums and speeches. We tend to hear about his family, how long he has been in Colorado, and railing against Bill Ritter. His failure to articulate any real policy was the main reason for the recent Contract for Colorado which had Josh Penry and Tom Tancredo helping his campaign actually develop a message of any kind. Thus, I do not see any connection between this document and his past or future behavior and thus nothing to differentiate myself on.

I will leave the opposition research to you and I will not attempt to articulate where Scott is on any issues. I will tell you where I stand.

1. Pinyon Canyon – I await the facts from the Army. I will seek a mutually beneficial resolution via willing sellers/leasers if at all possible.

2. Taxes – I am a true fiscal conservative and for downsizing government, and reducing taxes to spur growth not just maintaining status quo.

3. Social Issues – I have said consistently that we must stop preaching and start reaching out for a more diverse party yet I stand firm on a pro-life, and pro marriage between a man and woman platform. Some claim to have recent “revelations” and a come to Jesus but do their actions match their words?

4. Qualifications – people confuse experience with qualifications. The Governor’s office is an executive office not a legislative one. Legislative experience does not translate into executive experience. Scott has very little to no executive experience. I have 20+ years of managerial and executive experience. This experience is the core qualification for the office and our current president is a great example of a legislator turned executive.

5. Campaign Style – I am becoming very popular very fast because I connect with people and truly care about what is important to them. Ask anyone who has spent a few minutes with me and they can sense the genuine, honest, hard working person who wants to earn their support and work for them. This is not 1994 anymore. People want to be treated like they are the boss. They are more informed and educated than ever before. I recognize that and treat people accordingly.

Ultimately, after all the facts are considered, people perform gut checks and ultimately ask themselves, do I like and trust this candidate. They are discovering more and more that they like and can trust me. Maybe that is the reason the full frontal assault against any choice in this primary has happened so early in this election cycle.

Thank you for the opportunity to address your readers.

Dan Maes
Re-Energizing Colorado’s Economy
Republican Candidate for Governor

Perhaps I should upgrade Maes’s chances from zero to one. But hell is a pretty big place.

5 thoughts on “Dan Maes Describes Top Five Issues”

  1. You think Maes has zero or now a one chance. I recall Doug Hoffman in the NY23 race having no legislative experience and no name recognition. And in a little over one month had support from across the nation and had moved ahead of the established GOP candidate. There is alot more time and a primary to take place. Many conservatives like myself are not tired of losing, but are tired of the same GOP establishment trying to force moderates down our throats. Why does Penry have to work so hard to convince the base that McGinnis shares our values and will Govern that way. If McGinnis wins the primary, I believe we will have 4 more years of Ritter. And hey, why not. If you look at there records, there is not that much difference between the two. Mike

  2. Mike, First, it’s “McInnis,” not “McGinnis.”

    Second, you can’t just claim, without evidence, that “there is not much difference between” the records of McInnis and Ritter. To establish your point, you have to actually recount those records and point out the similarities, taking into account the differences.

    I will take you seriously as soon as you do that.

    To date, mostly I’ve heard a lot of people taking swipes at McInnis without bothering to make any substantial criticism of him. Such “critics” are engaging in exactly the sort of petty partisan bickering they claim to dislike. -Ari

  3. Ari, Sorry for the misspell. Secondly, McInnis is for the expansion of the Pinon canyon, While Penry and Ritter were against taking land from ranchers. McInnis has not said re would repeal the new registration laws that were enacted by Ritter. McInnis was pro choice, and has not said publicly his intention to be pro life. that would put him left of Ritter. Both McInnis and Ritter are against TABOR. Need more? Mike

  4. What I need more of, Mike, is evidence.

    Please provide a credible citation to the effect that McInnis is “against TABOR.”

    You are wrong about McInnis’s statements on abortion. The November 8 Denver Post reports that McInnis said, “I’m 100 percent pro life.”

    For my views on why abortion should be legal, see

    I agree that McInnis’s statements on eminent domain are a problem, but they are mixed. According to Rep. Steve King, McInnis said the government “is no longer threatening eminent domain in the Pinon Canyon expansion.”

    However, he also once said that the “need… for quality jobs” should be balanced “with the rights of Pinon Canyon property owners.”

    I want a governor who will defend property rights, not “balance” them.

    I need more than accusations, Mike; I need evidence. I will publish subsequent comments from you only if they are supported by credible evidence. It’s time to shut down the rumor mills and lay out the facts.

  5. I agree with you Ari, that when it comes to eminent domain, it should not be a question of balance. Condemnation is only justified when there is an overriding public need. McInnis has said repeatedly that Pinon Canyon expansion is “about jobs.” Economic development of the military-industrial complex and job creation are not a legitimate justifications for the seizure of private property. The burden of proof is with the Army to demonstrate a compelling need in terms of national defense; not economic benefits.

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