Face Gets Momentum

Last night Face performed at the Boulder Theater. I’ve said it three or four times before, and I’ll say it again: last night was their best performance I’ve seen.

You can listen to clips from their latest album, Momentum, which they released at the concert.

Interestingly, Face has cancelled all of its December holiday shows. Their web page currently claims, “Face will be out of town in December: More details coming soon!” It’ll be interesting to see what the band has cooking.

I’ve been enjoying Face’s performances now for several years, and I’m pleased to see the band continue to meet success. Their sound gets better and better.

Back in 2005 I wrote, “Saying that Face is an ‘a cappella group’ is sort of like saying Jimi Hendrix is a ‘guitar player.’ It’s true, but it doesn’t really get the point across. Face rocks.” Seriously, give them a try.

Their performances are heartfelt and personable. Last night the band brought up two former members to sing signature songs. They recounted a bit of their history together in between songs. The new album reveals the group’s talent as arrangers and singers, but a big reason they have been so successful with word-of-mouth promotion is that audiences really enjoy sharing time with them.

The band also announced the successful birth of a member’s new baby just days ago. As Pamela White wrote for Boulder Weekly, the wife of one of the band members carried to term another couple’s baby. So congratulations on all counts.