Jimmy Lakey Runs for 7th Congressional

I attended the Red Rocks Liberty On the Rocks December 7 meeting, where Adam Schrager discussed his inspiring book about Ralph Carr. Jimmy Lakey, a candidate for Colorado’s 7th Congressional district, also attended that meeting, so I pulled out my audio recorder and asked him some questions.

In business Lakey promotes Christian music. Lakey adopted a son from Africa and continues to participate in charity work there. His biographical notes take up Part I.

For Part II, Lakey said he is running to protect the future of his son as a new American citizen. He said he is not and does not want to be a career politician. He questioned the decision of Ryan Frazier — another Republican in the race — to extend same-sex benefits in Aurora in a time of fiscal downturn.

For Part III, Lakey contrasted his views with those of incumbent Ed Perlmutter. While Lakey stressed his fiscal conservatism, Lakey also discussed his “faith-based beliefs” and endorsed the “personhood” measure slated for the 2010 ballot (defining a fertilized egg as a person).