Graston Soft-Tissue Tools

I was skeptical, but today I paid my chiropractor to use the Graston tools on my shoulder muscles. I’m pleasantly surprised by the results.

The idea is to “massage” muscles with stainless-steel tools to smooth out knotty muscles. (Just don’t call it “massage,” because that’s illegal.)

After a relatively quick and painless process, my muscles feel like they’ve been through an intensive traditional massage. They have the same fatigued feeling. Apparently the steel tools get into the muscles without the pressure required by a hand or elbow. At the time I didn’t think the Graston tools were doing much, but immediately afterward I could feel the effects. I did get some surface bruising, but I guess that’s pretty normal (and it doesn’t bother me).

So, if you have persistently knotty muscles, you might want to let somebody have a go at you with the Graston tools. I’ve even thought about picking up some for personal use, but they’re insanely expensive, from what I’ve seen. Perhaps somebody will make a knock-off. Until then, chances are pretty good that I’ll occasionally pay my chiropractor to use them on me.