McPheters: FBI Agent, Mormon Bishop

Yesterday I dropped by the local Costco and was surprised to run across an author at a book signing. The author was Mike McPheters; the book isAgent Bishop, the account of his life as an FBI agent and Mormon bishop. I asked him if I could come back with my video camera, and he agreed.

In the following video McPheters discusses his past and his book.

[February 21 Update:] Then we discussed several political issues: welfare, the draft, drug policy, and immigration. My goal was to discuss some tough questions with a light touch; I wasn’t trying to provoke debate. I should note, though, that I regard the draft as a violation of individual rights, I oppose the drug war and believe it causes enormous harm, and I favor open immigration (with the caveats that I mention in the interview). I broke up our conversation by topic.

McPheters on Church and Welfare

McPheters on the Draft

McPheters on Drug Policy

McPheters on Immigration