Strauch Clarifies Norton’s Remarks on ‘Too Small’ Jobs Bill

Both the Huffington Post and Colorado Pols have been having fun with Jane Norton’s comment that the Congressional jobs bill “was too small.”

Norton, the Republican frontrunner for the U.S. Senate seat, made the remark in an interview with Fox News yesterday.

I called up Norton’s office while conducting research for an upcoming column I’m writing with my dad for Grand Junction’s Free Press. Nate Strauch, Norton’s Press Secretary, said that what Norton meant was that “the impact was too small, not the price-tag was too small.”

But that implies that she did favor some sort of jobs bill, just one with a larger impact, does it not?

Strauch said “she supported a number of different measures,” such as “suspending the payroll tax for small businesses.” So Norton wants to cut taxes without touching spending levels? That’s not much of a policy.

Does Norton plan to answer the Armstrong Survey at Strauch said there are “a number of surveys in the queue right now and we are working through those.”

Would I be horribly misunderstood if I called Norton’s commitment to a timely response “too small?”