Churchill, McInnis Team Up for Plagiarists Anonymous (Humor)

Today in Liberty Toastmaters, I played the role of humorist. I’m not much of a comedian, but thankfully the Colorado Republican Party has made the job a relatively easy one. Here are the results:

Notice that all of the details I discuss in the first part of the talk are true, though obviously Ward Churchill has not actually teamed up with Scott McInnis or offered to help him.

Especially due to the nature of the talk, I figure I should exhaustively list my references.

The Ward Churchill story is several years old, so I don’t recall all of the media I’ve read about that. It’s a well-known and easily researched story. The Denver Post broke the story about the water articles for which McInnis was paid that were partly plagiarized, and again many other news outlets have reported it. People’s Press Collective has the video of Ken Buck’s attempt at a humorous reply to Jane Norton. A follow-up video by Norton’s campaign replies to Buck. While I concocted the imaginary group “Plagiariasts Anonymous” independently, I since discovered that the title is not original with me; a Google search yields 32 existing results for it. I borrowed my joke about Tom Tancredo’s cowboy boots from my previous post, which also discusses Tancredo’s conditional pledge to run for governor. I borrowed the Monahontas joke again from myself; I used it first in a 2005 talk. Everybody knows who painted Mona Lisa; my wife added feathers for this year’s joke purchased from (see below).

Also, neither Toastmasters nor Liberty Toastmasters has sanctioned or endorsed the contents of the talk nor those of any of my other works.