Glass: Communist Groups Rally for Islamic Center

Special by Bob Glass from the 9/11 NYC rallies

It is critical to note that the mainstream media have failed miserably in their responsibility to report the facts about the events surrounding the 9/11 rallies for and against the proposed Islamic center in New York.

As usual, the mainstream media have dutifully toed the party line and regurgitated the lies and propaganda of the American Left. Foremost amongst the facts ignored by the major media is that many of the groups supporting the mosque at Ground Zero are hard-line Communist organizations and hard-line Islamist anti-Israel organizations. (See the list of endorsing organizations.) For example, Workers World is a Stalinist group. In the time honored tradition of Saul Alinsky of lying about who you are and what your true agenda is, the International Action Center is simply an umbrella front group for all of the Communist groups to hide under.

In the spirit of Rahm Emanuel of never letting a crisis go to waste, the American Left is cashing in on the outrage and pain of the American people and is using the controversy about the Islamic center to attack and demonize the Tea Party. Those leftists have branded all those opposed to the building of the Islamic center near Ground Zero as bigots, racists and Islamophobes (see photos). This was just another opportunity for them and their Democratic political Apparatchiks to attack the Tea Party and the groundswell of the American people that is rising to reject statism.

It is a typical Saul Alinsky tactic to personally attack your opposition (in this case playing the race card) when your own arguments are philosophically and morally bankrupt. The overwhelming majority of those rallying for the Islamic center were old time Communists, unionists, radical feminists, and an array of other left-wing activists and anti-Israel fanatics (together with a few youthful useful idiots).

The people who rallied against the Islamic center, on the other hand, were salt-of-the-earth people who for the most part had never taken to the streets in their lives to express their political beliefs. These are people who actually have jobs, families, and responsibilities; people who have been motivated by the Tea Party and are outraged at the prospect of building a “victory mosque” on the sacred ground of where the World Trade Center once stood.

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