Interviews from the 9/12 Tea Party March on Washington from Grizzly Groundswell

Chad Everson over at Grizzly Groundswell captured a couple of fantastic interviews of Tea Partiers in Washington September 12. (I’m the guy asking questions.)

In the first video, Chris Peterson of Pennsylvania says that in his local groups “our discussions are all about ideas, principles, not parties.” When I asked him if Obama was at least a motivational force, he added, “I think Obama’s election was almost providential. It was what made us finally realize that we were on a very slippery slope for a long time, and now he just pushed us there a lot faster. We all of a sudden realized… this isn’t where we want to go. This is not what we want to be. … It certainly has America riled up.”

[September 10, 2014 Update: This video no longer exists.]

In the second video, Paul Johnson of D.C. said, “I am tired of the Democrats and the way they are going about this country. … I’m just sick of this; taxes, spending… I want to make a change… I agree that Bush was guilty of spending some too, but this Democrat stuff is ridiculous. It seems as though every time they come into office, that’s the only thing they know how to do is spend. And I’m just sick of it. And I want a change, I want a change immediately.”



Grizzly GroundswellSeptember 13, 2010 at 7:47 PM
Ari, I am uploading them to as well because they are so much easier to embed and share! Feel free to add annotations where needed! They take forever to upload!