Socialists Rallied for Islamic Center, 9/11 Photos Show

Bob Glass reviewed the 9/11 NYC rallies for and against the Islamic center near Ground Zero. He also took some outstanding photographs, which I’ve now uploaded to Photo Bucket with his permission.

Following is a selection of those photos from the rally promoting the Islamic center. Glass has promised me additional commentary on the topic, and I plan to write something up as well based on his photographs and literature from the rally he sent me. I should note the obvious point here that the strong socialist endorsement of of the Islamic center does not typify support for it, which is ideologically diverse.

If you zoom in on the photo, you can read on one sign, “”


One sign in this photo says, “Defeat Obama’s War on Afghanistan and Iraq! Hands off Pakistan! Internationalist Group, League for the Fourth International.” Another sign says touts “class struggle.”


Many of the ralliers in favor of the Islamic center were obviously pro-Palestine and anti-Israel:




This button says, “U.S. Boat to Gaza: The Audacity of Hope.”


Works sold at the pro-mosque rally included “Coming American Revolution,” a “Defense of Marxism,” “Che Guevera and the Fight for Socialism Today,” “The Militant,” and “Socialism: Utopian and Scientific.”


One pro-mosque rallier openly promoted Guevera as well as the murderous Communist Chinese regime:


Amidst signs from the “anti-capitalist” International Action Center, a sign reads, “We Stand with Our Muslim Sisters and Brothers.”


Another sign from “” declares, “Muslims Are Our Brothers & Sisters.”




Mike C. September 19, 2010 at 8:13 PM
The yellow and black IAC signs look suspiciously like those of International ANSWER – the pro-Saddam, pro-Castro, pro-Kim Jong Il, pro-Chavez, etc. group that organized some of the anti-war rallies.