Why Do the Media Ignore the Crazies On the Left?

Reporters who castigate the small minority of nuts among the Tea Partiers, while utterly ignoring the more numerous and dangerous crazies on the left, lie by omission.

Leftists who smear the Tea Parties based on a few isolated (and in many cases fictitious) misdeeds, but who refuse to criticize those among their own ranks who sanction violence, dictatorship, and mass murder, stink of hypocrisy.

I’ve been to numerous Tea Parties and interviewed dozens of Tea Partiers. The vast majority of Tea Partiers care about the direction our nation is headed, out-of-control federal spending, and saddling their children and grandchildren with trillions of dollars of debt.

True, a minority obsess about immigration, advocate theocracy (starting with total abortion bans), call Obama a Communist or Nazi, or parrot some wild conspiracy. A tiny few have even voiced racist views, though generally racists have been quickly condemned by and ousted from the Tea Parties.

But obviously any large rally attracts a contingent nuts, and the left is far worse. Some leftist groups also oppose immigration, and indeed want to limit human births across the board on environmentalist grounds, but apparently that motive is too PC to generate much media attention. The socialists of the left are at least as numerous and virulent as the theocrats of the right. The entire leftist philosophy is essentially one grand conspiracy theory, spawning continuous minor conspiracy theories. Standard leftist rhetoric decried Bush as a Nazi. Those looking for examples of left-wing racism can start with the hate mail sent to Michelle Malkin.

Many reporters are quick to jump on those who rally against the proposed Islamc center near Ground Zero. While not technically Tea Party events, such rallies show a strong Tea Party flavor, as photos of the 9/11 rally reveal. There seems to be significant overlap between the Tea Parties and the rallies against the Islamic center, though other Tea Partiers should not be assumed to have taken a position on the matter. I should note here that I disagree with many of the conservative arguments against the center and find no reason to forcibly block it, though I condemn its construction because of its builders’ troubling ideology.

But if any major media outlet reported the absolute insanity of the leftist rallies in favor of the center, I did not catch the report.

Thankfully, my friend Bob Glass observed the 9/11 leftist rally — and he took photographs.

Avowedly socialist organizations endorsed the rally. People carried signs from “SocialistWorker.org.” Various leftist ralliers promoted the mass murderer and Marxist totalitarian Che Guevara. One fellow promoted the murderous Communist regime of China (making clear with his Guevara reference which aspects of Chinese rule he favors). Some distributed copies of “Challenge: The Revolutionary Communist Newspaper of Progressive Labor Party.”

So, for the sake of truth and simple decency, stop the media smear campaigns against the Tea Parties.