Election Update: Free Colorado News

In this edition of Free Colorado News, I discuss some reasons why Ken Buck is having trouble maintaining his lead. For one thing, he is continually attacked for his terrible views on abortion, which he opposes even in cases of rape and incest. I also review Buck’s recent comments on homosexuality. Update: Buck clarified his position by saying he wasn’t likening homosexuality to alcoholism, except that both are influenced by genetic factors (which is true, as it’s true for heterosexuality).

I briefly summarize the Colorado effort to contribute to the Ayn Rand Institute’s Books for Teachers program, which places Rand’s novels in schools. So far the Colorado effort, led by Anders Ingemarsen, has raised over $18,000, with a goal of $20,000.

Finally, I review the support for the so-called “stimulus” package expressed by Senator Michael Bennet and Representatives Betsy Markey and John Salazar. I suggest they read Henry Hazlitt’s Economics In One Lesson.