Election Reflections from the Bailey and Beezley Party

This edition of Free Colorado News features comments from Republican candidates Stephey Bailey, who lost his congressional race against Jared Polis, and Don Beezley, who won in State House District 33. Various activists also share their thoughts on the election.

Bailey hopes Polis’s constituents will help pry him away from the Obama machine, especially now that the Democrats are in the minority in the House.

Beezley notes that we need more capitalism and freedom to get us out of the economic mess caused by statism.

State Senator Shawn Mitchell explains that on election night voters pushed back against political controls over their lives. However, he cautioned, activists must take the fight to the state capitol if they wish to advance the cause of liberty.

Penn Pfiffner reviews a project he’s working on with the Independence Institute on finding real solutions to the state’s budget problems that involve targeted and substantial spending cuts.

Yvonne Iden talks about why she supported Bailey’s congressional run, and notes his opposition to abortion controls enabled her to support him.

Though at a Republican election night party, Kelly Valenzuela said that, while she likes Bailey, she voted for John Hickenlooper for governor because she disagrees with Tom Tancredo and Dan Maes on immigration and abortion.

Check out what these and other activists have to say on the video!